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11 Foreigners Private Training with Master Wang Liping

In December of 2009, organized by Laozi Academy board member Richard Liao (an acupuncturist currently practicing in Albany and Walnut Creek, CA) and another faculty Kathy Li (a biomedical scientist), a study group of eleven students from the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Switzerland and Israel went to a hot spring holiday resort place near Dalian city of China. This group of students got a week pravite training with Master Wang Liping , 18th generation Dragon Gate Taoism lineage.  The Dragon Gate sect originated with Grand Master Qiu Chuji about 700 years ago.  The lineage comes through Zhong LiQuan and Lu Dong-Bin who fully developed the Internal Alchemy of the Golden Pill theory and methods about 1300 years ago. The purpose of studying with Master Wang was to learn how to refine the Jing/essence to Qi; refine the Qi to Shen/power of mind; refine the Shen to emptiness of the whole; and refine the emptiness to match the Tao of nature.  Master Wang has the experience and ability to guide one to the immortal level.


Group Photo of Foreigners Private Training with Master Wang Liping in 2009 Dec.

group siting

Where they live and what they eat during the training

yard eat spa

During the week training, the students experienced a lot of amazing and strange things. Let's see what did they say.

Mr. Toksal , who is president and CEO of a NewYork based higtechnology company, said “I want to say that Master Wang is a very special human being. He is definitely the most authentic and highest achieved master I have met or heard of. His presence and the way he would practice with us were powerful. I got in touch with my inner self, and I could feel the emptiness for the first time. I am inspired to practice and train until I can meet up with Master Wang again. I met the most wonderful people in the workshop. At the end of the course, we were so strongly connected, as if we knew each other for many, many years. I am sure that the meditation time together contributed to this feeling. Thank you for everything, Richard, for being there for us and softly guiding us through this experience with Master Wang.”

A girl commented, "during the practice my body turns into crystal and the forearms and hands forward".   This indicated that she was refining the Jing/essence to Qi. 

Another said, “My life gate between Lumbar 4 – Lumbar 5 is so hot.”  This is a sign for his life force was stronger and hotter. 

A young man had an exciting experience when he practiced the "Secret of Golden Flower", he reported, “the light in front of me is so bright, do I need to sleep ? ”  This is a sign of his soul light was brightening. 

A student felt his body temprature is so different with that in the other winters. He said, “Oh, I feel so hot, I do not need wear many clothes on the icy cold and snowing days, but previously I was so scared of the cold winter.”  This indicated that his internal fire was up.

-------- Written by Richard Liao



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